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Science Fiction Story

INVISIBLE SCIENTIST AND HIDDEN TOMB SCIENCE FICTION STORY BY ANUSHA VENKATRAMANAN, 8 YEARS, III STD Young Scientist John found it hard to sleep. He kept tossing in his bed. “Hurray! That’s it”!, he suddenly shouted. He tumbled down from his bed, hurried down the stairs and made his way to the science midnight! He silently thanked his parents for this lab which was a present for his sixteenth birthday. He switched on the light and took out a file. He checked the measurements for the full wave simulation and adjusted the di-electric cylinder for the microwave frequencies. With shivering hands, he wore the 3D cloak, covering himself except for his head. He turned to the mirror and shrieked. He could only see his head in the mirror. “I did it. I have made the invisibility cloak!”. He danced around the lab like a mad person. He accidentally tripped the bottle of Potassium Permanganate and a bottle of Glycerin. The liquids fell on top of a huge cotton ball and caught fire. Soon the entire lab was on fire. The floor of the lab gave way and he found himself falling down, deep into the ground. When the dust settled down, he was shocked to find himself in the middle of an ancient tomb. It so happened that this particular tomb belonged to Chione, the fifth and favourite queen of King Nira, who had suffered an early death due to black fever. Not surprisingly, the tomb carried a curse. There was a wall fully engraved with carvings. It was actually a riddle. The curse was that if the person who enters the tomb does not solve the riddle within 30 seconds, the doors of the tomb would close forever! John didn’t know about the curse, but his scientific mind was attracted to the riddle. He immediately recognized the pattern hidden in the carvings and started matching the similar patterns. He solved it in exactly 28 seconds...Whew! The tomb lit up with magical lights as the door to the treasure room opened to reveal a dazzling collection of diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. “Is this GOD’s gift for inventing invisibility cloak?”, he wondered. “This will give me a chance to make a better lab and make better inventions to help the needy”. THE END

Anusha Venkatramanan,CPS
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