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Education: Here is the First step

Let’s ask ourselves. What is the reason we studied so many subjects when we were kids?? Generally, our generation’s honest answer will be that our schools/ parents made us study?? JJJ How did we study?? We learnt paragraphs after paragraphs by heart striving for better marks!! Now looking back at those days we think about how silly it was to have mugged up without understanding the application and the importance of the subjects we studied!!! For eg: All of us studied the Newton’s laws but most do not remember it now!! Isn’t it?? How many of us remember Bernoulli’s theorem (That helps the planes to fly!!), refraction of light (This is the why a diamond sparkles), law of inertia (Reason why our cars skid when we brake)??! We studied science, calculus, geography, etc by uploading a lot of information into our brains but forget everything once the exams were over!! That was because we did not know why we need to remember or understand stuff!! We were told that the particular law or theorem would be asked in the examination for 2 marks and all that we were interested in was to write the law in the examination exactly how it was given in the textbook!! What we learnt from it was secondary!! *******But that was our generation. That was the past.******* Think about what is happening today.. The education system is becoming more and more westernized – marks oriented and kids are becoming busier and busier with curricular/co-curricular activities and tuitions. The team based learning is giving way to the competitive and monotonous lifestyle. Perhaps kids may have abundant knowledge but they lack the skill to apply the same in day to day life. Collective efforts are decreasing and kids are getting better at individual tasks. Think about this!! It is very disgraceful that our bridges are constructed by an arts graduate; software applications coded by a mechanical engineer; roads built by an illiterate contractor; and we all know who the today s leaders are.. Don’t you think there is lack of value based thinking in the new generation? Here is the first step at ScienceUtsavTM to change the way people look at the term EDUCATION… It is a fascinating adventure of sorts to help the children see the way they want to see the world rather have them see the world from the eyes of Text book !!

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