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THREE or SIX seasons

My Science teacher in school, taught the whole class about seasons and that we had THREE seasons.But when I went to my native and met my cousins who had come from Australia, they told me that they had SIX seasons. I was totally confused.I ffelt they had more than me. I asked my father, then my father told me that as we are close to the equator, we have tropical humid climate and so whe have only T More

Aldon Almeida,ITI Central School

Science Workshop at BGS NPS

In today's workshop session, we made a sound instrument using simple objects like balloon, sketch pen etc. The instrument is a small plastic cylindrical container, with the opening covered tightly by a balloon membrane. A sketch pen tube is inserted into the container through the bottom and a thin tube is inserted perpendicular to the sketch pen at the centre of the container. Blowing air through More


burning of candle and coal

In a candle flame there is a gap between the wick and the flame. The burning is happening almost entirely in the mixture of air and evaporated wax around the flame. When we blow on the flame, we push it away from the source of fuel, and it quickly dies out. in the burning coal , when we blow the coals the glow brightens because the extra air flow brings more oxygen and carries away CO2 and ot More

surbhi singh,D.A.V public school


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” - Mahatma Gandhi Earth, is just like our own Mother. As our mother takes care of our needs, even Earth takes care of all our needs. We not only have the responsibility to protect our mother but also our Mother Earth. When I learnt about protecting our Earth & the effects of Global warming, I real More


Life within a Seed

Many a times when I ate fruits or vegtables, I used to often wonder why God made seeds and put them inside them, only to be thrown away by man before cooking or eating. But it was just a few weeks ago, I had the very first experience of seeing a live spring out from the seed. I am part of the Kissapur grow your own tomatoes initiative from Kissan. The provide quality seeds and we need to grow them More

Aldon Almeida,ITI Central School

How Arctic Got 6 Months of f Daylight.And how Radium was found!

In the Farthest Poles of the Earth, in Arctic people used to bump into each other, and would struggle to move around because there was absolutely no light there! One day and old raven had flown into the Arctic and he was looking at the people struggling to do easy jobs and he wanted to end his life by doing a good deed. So he flew for months and months and went to his mum and people! There they ha More

ScienceUtsav Scientist,Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram
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