12 Ways To Help You Follow Through With Your New Year Resolutions..!

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With the new year already embarked, you’re likely busy wondering as to how to do justice to the new things you have planned to accomplish over the course of this year. Maybe you have planned to shed a few kilos after spoiling yourself with all that junk food or maybe develop a new habit of say learning something new every month. Or maybe just plan to spend more time with family and friends.


Sure, during the beginning of the new year one is all pumped and enthusiastic about those new year resolutions, but one thing is for sure as the days go by the resolutions take a back burner. Honestly, only a few people actually take these resolutions seriously.

So what should we do? How can we keep the fire burning throughout the year and make these resolutions actually come true?

To start with, your primary resolution should be reviving back the resolutions planned in the previous years, as when you do not complete step 1 you cannot reach step 2.

Find quicker ways and prepare mentally to put in those extra efforts to complete the backlogged resolutions of previous years.


Following are few tips that could help you to cope up with the resolutions you plan on to accomplish.

  • So the first thing you need to do is to NOTE down all the resolutions that have to be fulfilled by the end of the the new year coming.
  • ANALYSE all the resolutions and only keep those which seems realistic and which you will be able to compete with. ELIMINATE the needless ones.
  • PRIORITISE based on the order you feel every resolution needs to be given attention to.
  • Once prioritised, DIVIDE the resolutions in small parts and ASSIGN each of them based on the time and attention they require.
  • Make sure time given for this initiative INCREASES steadily with passing weeks/months as most of the resolutions require daily attention for the whole year.

SET MILESTONES on the way to keep you in the competition and the fire and passion in you lit. Milestones keep you in the hunt for achieving more and more.

  • Have daily REMINDERS set on your smartphone to beep and bug you again and again to drag you back to your planned goals if in case you miss out for few days.


  • A POSITIVE and DEDICATED person will always find it mandatory to live up to what is planned. Sleepless/troublesome nights if you fail to work on what you have planned is just the thing you need to make sure that you are still on your track.
  • Include few CHEAT days in a month for there surely comes situations/days when you can’t spare time for your daily plan of action on resolutions.
  • Encourage the habit of MONITORING yourself on regular intervals. This will help you to be in sync with the plan you have made.
  • Have an HONEST approach when you monitor yourself for when you think you are diverted or lost track, you could think of another way to get back in the game.
  • If you have those very close BFFs then you can have the right motivation to keep up with your resolutions and just the kind of person you need to not divert or cheat over something you have planned to not do.

The above few tips will definitely bring you few steps closer to achieving the resolutions you plan to accomplish this year.

However, coping up with the same involves serious planning and dedication in executing for the whole year.

But yeah, it’s definitely doable!

So start today and make yourself a better person in whichever way you wish to be this New Year.


Author: Ketan Rane
Edited by: Anmol Sabharwal

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