How to Host a Theme Based Birthday Party

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Give your child the best birthday party ever by organizing a themed birthday party. Any party can be transformed into a themed birthday celebration by implementing special details for the party. Choice of cake, coordinated color patterns in decorations, props, party games, activities, and surprise gifts are the extras that will make a birthday party memorable. Well-planned theme decorations and moments of enjoyment all focusing on a unified theme will make your party interesting and your guests entertained.

By combining the elements of childhood with lots of colors any birthday party can be made appealing to all age groups. Bbday chemical mania (8)
Selecting the theme of the party is the first step towards organizing a party. Discuss with your child what kind of a birthday party he or she wants. Let them make a choice as the theme will help you narrow down the activity choices and decoration ideas. Here are some amazing ideas for the same:

  • Harry potter – Magic potions
  • Chemical mania – Fun with chemistry
  • Be a spy – Forensic science
  • Science is Magic – Magic is science?
  • Household science – Science in everything

many more…

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or in the backyard after finalizing on the theme we need to make sure all the arrangements are perfect. Here a check list for you to focus on:

 Decide on the guest list

Does your child want to invite the entire class or only his best friends? This will make sure you plan the activities accordingly. Also, ensure that the guests you are planning to invite are available.

 Send invitations

The invitation should match with the theme of the party. It should include the Date, Start and End time, and the Venue of the event. If you are planning for any dress code for the party, ensure you include that in the invite.

 Make a schedule of the entertainment activities

Make a list of activities and experiment you would like to have. Plan 2 to 4 fun party games that can be played with any age group. Ensure that the host of the activities is well trained in handling the activities as well as in interacting appropriately with children.

 Make a list of supplies

Make a list of supplies you would need for the party. Supplies may include art and craft stationery, use and throw cutlery, plates, cups, balloons, candles, caps, goody bags for the return gifts, prizes, music equipments, grocery items according to the menu etc. Ensure that you have all the supplies needed for the party at least 2 to 3 days ahead of the party.

 Plan the menu

Keep the menu simple. Finger foods, sandwiches, pizza, pav bhajji , burgers, ice creams are a

huge hit with kids. Plan a few mocktails for the adults to enjoy.

 Order the cake

Last but not the list order a cake! Ask your child what kind of cake he or she wants for the party.

Take his ideas and make sure that you order the cake that matches the theme you selected. Ask the baker to deliver the cake at the venue at least half n hour before the party schedule.

We at Science Utsav help to organize a themed birthday party of your choice. We have a laboratory full of interactive demonstrations and activities for your child’s birthday! Children can see the fun side of science as they take part in impressive take home experiments and miraculous science demonstrations with some science activities and games. The trained science game host makes this a memorable birthday party for all. Some of them are Magic Potions, Chemical Mania, Be a spy, Science shows and many more…

Our Birthday Parties are:

  •  Perfect for an age group of 1 to 15 yrs
  •  Suitable for any group sizes
  •  Held at the location of your choice
  •  Lots of fun activities
  •  Lots of creative home experiments
  •  Science demonstrations
  •  Approximately an hour long
  •  Trained Science game host

Contact us to make your child birthday a spectacular learning experience. Find out more about us at

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